About Us

An engineering company focusing on Industry 4.0 solutions.

Etisoft Smart Solutions is an engineering company focusing on automation solutions and services. We combine our own unique know-how in engineering, industry experience of our main shareholder – Etisoft as well as IT infrastructure knowledge of Euvic, our another strong investor.

The world of industry is changing faster than ever before.  Since over 20 years we were really close to the revolution thanks to our parent company – Etisoft, where we could develop and implement automation solutions.

In 2013 we decided to form separate legal entity to hit the market and boost R&D efforts. 4 years later we have performed dozens of commercial implementations, gained a lot of know-how, developed over 40 young engineers and – last but not least – got engaged with new shareholders including Euvic – biggest private capital owned IT services company as well as seasoned business angels – Jacek Groyecki and Wojciech Apel – former co-founders and board members of 3S S.A.

In 2020, we started the implementation of a large project in the field of intralogistics based on AGV vehicles. In the same year, we also completed the implementation of a project implementing automatic pallet transport for one of our clients, delivering up to 30 pallets per hour to the production line based on a fleet of autonomous AGVs in 7/24 mode.

What we do is hardware design and production (AGV), software development (MES) and Vision Systems integration (MVS). Among our clients there are international giants of automotive, household appliances and food industry.