AGV based intralogistics system.

We developed AGV robots for automated transportation of standardized EPAL or logistics carts. Since very beginning our vehicles were designed to autonomous work under control of IntraFleet software, integrated with MES system.

The purpose of our AGV intralogistics system is automated and autonomous transportation of components and goods within plant or warehouse hall. Thinking not just about AGVs as our competitors did, we understood, that AGV is just execution part of sophisticated system, in which the production plan is translated into mission management as part of redesigned intralogistics processes, taking into account traffic management and cooperation with other elements of the production hall environment: people, machines, systems.

When launching the first systems at our clients, we designed and implemented our 24/7 support, which allows you to unblock a process stopped by a failure even in the middle of the night.

Key benefits:

Reduce intralogistics costs.

The AGV-based system not only replaces employees with trolleys, but also improves the efficiency and predictability of processes thanks to the continuous optimization of transport missions. The robots do not need a 16-hour break after a shift, no vacation or sick leave: they drive and carry out their tasks. Standard ROI is less than 24 months, but if you choose the subscription model, the savings will appear in the first month after the system is launched.

Optimize processes.

Before implementing our AGV fleet, we will carefully analyze your processes and simulate them in the Flexsim software. On this basis, we will propose changes and improvements taking into account new system elements and software capabilities. This allows us to calculate exactly how much efficiency will improve and how much you can save. In addition, our systems are integrated with ERP / MES / SCADA, thanks to which human supervision is not needed.

Continous improvement.

After starting the system, its performance is continuously measured and the system collects thousands of data about the state of the process. It gives great possibilities of efficiency analysis and creates a unique BI class system for the needs of lean management.

Reduce carbon footprint.

Our AGVs only use electricity. This reduces the carbon footprint compared to a standard combustion engine forklift truck.

A step ahead of competitors.

Open architecture.

We are the designer and producer of our robots and software. This allows us to make modifications easily and quickly. At the same time, we integrate our solutions ourselves, which gives us full control over the final solution, and our clients have a single point of contact in case of problems.

24/7 service and field support.

We provide 24/7 service, including a mobile service throughout Poland based on a network of over 100 service technicians. All support lines are managed by us, so from the customer's point of view, there are no competency disputes between suppliers.


We provide long-term rental of our solutions. Thanks to this, our clients do not have to commit their capex budgets or look for financing on the market - they only pay a monthly fee for using the system.

Safety first.

We make no compromises when it comes to security. Our robots work safely with people and other vehicles on the factory floor. We build our safety systems based only on components recognized on the international market. Our robots are ready for CE and ISO 3691-4 certification.

Automatic battery replacement.

As part of the HEPIS project, ESS has developed a solution for automatic battery replacement that is unique on the market. This allows you to reduce the costs of the AGV fleet with a given efficiency by 25%.