APS Audit Process Support.

APS is innovative application, that automates auditing in an enterprise. It’s a simple, intuitive tool, that helps with organization and optimization of audit processes along with scheduling, reporting and data collection. Either it is 5S, LPA, TPM, ISO, OSH or Nearmiss – it will save hundreds of hours every time the organization performs audit.

Our application is avaiable as a WWW page, so it’s easy accessible both from PC or smartphone. One license allows unlimited users per one location, so all employees may use the application limitless for reporting issues, checking actions, schedules and auditing. Once process model is configured in application, all data gathered in application are structured accordingly, as well reporting is.

Key benefits:

Digitization of audit tasks.

No more paperwork. Thanks to structured set of organization data like organizational chart and process architecture, users and auditors work with proper access rights defined by audit roles. All findings and actions are well structured too, with online access from PC or smartphone. Both simple as well as sequential audits are possible.

Audit scheduling and execution control.

Application provides handy and intuitive scheduling interface. Audit plan is clearly presented along with dates and deadlines. At any time there's a progress insight available.

Auditing and non-compliance reporting.

Using the smartphone, any user may report problems and instantly document them with pictures. All issues and resolving status is then reported by e-mail to all stakeholders involved (issuer, auditor, process owner, manager).

Automated action plan follow-up.

During the audit, detailed compliance reports are sent, including expected time for resolving issues. There's also possibility to duties delegation to external actors (like quality team, logistics, OSH Officer).

Automated reporting.

Clear audit reports with data visualization are sent automatically to all defined stakeholders. Reports include also detailed audit results with statistics shown on predefined charts, so there's no need to spend time on analyzing and audit results presentation. Raw data export to excel is also possible

A step ahead of our competition.

Intuitive and handy.

We spent a lot of time to optimize user interface and to simplify audit tasks. Full-functional demo-version is available at no cost to convince you!

Simple licensing.

For one monthly installment you can use APS for 1 production plant and give access to all workers and perform unlimited number of audits.

No deployment needed.

We host APS application in the cloud (on premise is also available), so you can start using your application immadiately after contract sign-off. Thanks to intuitive administration page, you may configure apllication, access rights and processes by your own after 1-2 hours of training .

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