Obrazek przedstawia tablicę standardu 5S dla stanowiska pracy.

Audit in the company? Automate the entire process.

Traditionally conducted audit takes a lot of time, as well as the tedious completion of post-audit job assessments or preparation of reports. The manager of a given area finds out after a long time what was wrong in his position. It even happens that when he received the information about the non-compliance, it was removed long ago. Effect? The effectiveness of the audits carried out is decreasing. As it turns out, there is a solution that will save hundreds of hours every time we audit the company.

What are the benefits of automation?

Among the greatest distinguishing features and advantages of modern tools available on the market, we can distinguish 5 basic groups:


  • Instant online access,
  • Orderly data collection and presentation (company structure),
  • Database of registered users with assigned authorizations depending on competences,
  • Easy management of audits and methods of their performance (simple and complex – sequential audit).


  • Transparent presentation of the audit plan,
  • A convenient and intuitive way to manage your schedule,
  • Quick access to information about the individual area audit plan,
  • Coordination of auditors’ activities with insight into the current progress of activities.


  • Procedure of delegating a person or a team from the appropriate department (Health and Safety, Quality, Logistics) in order to take action to remedy non-compliance,
  • Presenting detailed data on detected non-conformities,
  • Possibility to specify the period for taking corrective actions,
  • Full control and verification of the action plan – the leader of the repair team reports the implementation of assigned tasks and supervises the audit in the company.


  • Registration of detected non-conformities (including 5S, OHS, Quality) – the ability to add descriptions and photos in real time,
  • An audit in the company can be performed on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet),
  • Performing an audit of the daily routine with automatic area identification (area marked with a 2D code),
  • Automatic processing and emailing of audit results as soon as the assessment is complete.


  • Transparent audit reports with data visualization, automatically sent by e-mail to defined users,
  • Detailed inspection results with statistical data visualized on pie charts, radar charts, pareto charts,
  • Increasing efficiency while saving time and amount of work needed to create analyzes manually,
  • Option to export data to a spreadsheet for individual editing needs.
Towards modernity.

One of the examples of solutions that will work when planning an audit in a company is our proprietary APS (Audit Process Support) system. It is a simple, intuitive tool that comprehensively supports and optimizes all audit activities. The solution can be flexibly configured depending on the type of audits performed, e.g. 5S, LPA, TPM, ISO, Facility Management and OHS, among others OHS, Nearmiss non-conformities. The flexibility of the APS System ensures that the tool is tailored to the individual needs of the user and enables any personalized type of audit.

The application prepared by us is available as a website, thanks to which the user can use it both from a computer and a smartphone. One license allows an unlimited number of users in one location, so all employees can use the application unlimitedly to report problems, check activities, schedules and audits. After configuring the process model in the system, all data collected in the application is properly structured, as is reporting. Therefore, an audit in a company becomes a quick and uncomplicated procedure.

A modern audit platform allows you to better enforce keeping order, compliance with standards and procedures. When employees receive immediate results, they identify with them more. And what is important – all the necessary information is in “one place”.

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