Etisoft Smart Solutions mobile robots awarded in the “(R)ewolucja przemysłowa” competition

AGV/AMR mobile robots by Etisoft Smart Solutions experts awarded once again! Innovative Robot Platform appreciated the solution and awarded a distinction in the competition “(R)ewolucja przemysłowa” in the category “Project that presents an increase in efficiency and productivity of work on the site” for the development of the proprietary “Integrated intralogistics system based on AGV/AMR mobile robots”.

The solution has been successfully operating since 2020 at the manufacturing facility of Lumileds, a global leader in lighting technology for the automotive industry. Its goal was to automate the processes of delivering components to the production line and finished goods to the shipping area with a throughput of 30 pallets per hour.

The award given by Robot Platform is all the more important as it builds an innovative community centered around robotization. It is a virtual space that allows manufacturing companies to design a workstation using a 3D tool and select a robot according to their needs: based on financial and operational analysis of the workstation.

It should also be added that the implementation of ESS was first recognized during the 20th edition of the Gala of Logistics, Transport and Production, where it won an award in the category Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport, Production 2020.

Between 2019/ 2020, Etisoft Smart Solutions completed a project for a global automotive customer that was a great success. The project was entirely executed in a 24/7 Polish plant, using AMR/AGV mobile robots, and aimed to automate the processes of delivering components to production lines and finished goods to the shipping area with a capacity of up to 30 pallets per hour. This was accomplished with safety requirements considering both people and other vehicles.

It is worth noting that Etisoft Smart Solutions provides complete and turnkey intralogistics systems based on AGV/AMR mobile robots of various types to customers in many industries. At the stage of the purchasing process, the company conducts a detailed pre-implementation analysis, the result of which is the design of the entire system and an appropriate fit to the space in which the automation is to operate. One of the next stages is simulation and virtual implementation, which precedes the actual implementation. In the post-sales phase, Etisoft Smart Solutions guarantees service and each time the support resulting from the warranty or a service contract tailored individually to customer needs.

In addition to ready-made systems, customers can count on solutions tailored directly to the needs and conditions of their plant. Dedicated mobile robots are devices adapted to the infrastructure of the facility and logistic carriers which will be transported by them.

Investment in mobile robots means increased efficiency and reliability of in-plant logistics, cost savings and fast payback time, an alternative to the dynamic labor market and a guarantee of safety of use.

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