EU Projects

LOTIS and HEPIS - EU funds aided projects.

Etisoft Smart Solutions sp.z o.o. implements a research project aimed at creating an intralogistics system for handling large-area cold stores, operating on the basis of mobile robots characterized by low external heat emission (LOTIS – Low Temperature Intralogistics System).

The new product, dedicated to applications in industrial cold stores and freezers, will be the result of research and development works and will be both a novelty in the company’s offer and a novelty on the market.

Total value of the project: 5 337 529,87 PLN

Granted by EU funds : 3 243 441,74 PLN


Etisoft Smart Solutions sp. z o.o. implements research project aiming to build a high-capacity intralogistics system based on mobile robots (HEPIS system). Project is being developed between January 1, 2020 and March 31, 2022.

Besides of innovative warehousing system, that is capable to boost productivity of logistics processes up to 92%, results of the project include R&D unit expansion, new markets conquering as well as strengthening bonds of Beneficiary with Silesian scientific environment.

Total value of the project: 6 864 337,59 PLN

Granted by EU funds : 4 143 961,14 PLN