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The solution is used for automatic vision inspection of glued components and assembly verification.

11 April 2022
Here is how to implement automated internal logistics based on AGV / AMR mobile robots in 7 steps
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Implementation of an AGV/AMR based system in 7 steps

28 March 2022
Here is how to implement automated internal logistics based on AGV / AMR mobile robots in 7 steps
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The photo shows machine vision systems that automatically control work performed by people or other machines.

Artificial intelligence in vision systems

2 February 2022
Intelligent vision systems and their real applications - a bull's eye or an excess of form over content?
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Na zdjęciu widzimy pracownika magazynu, który zaznacza na kartce, ilość materiałów dostępnych na magazynie.

AGV/AMR Heavy Duty vehicles are coming soon

22 January 2022
We create AGV/AMR vehicles with parameters not yet offered in any competitive solutions!
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Working people with protection mask during corona virus pandemic.

HRM Human Resource Management – we help to optimize work in production

11 January 2022
Human resource management ensures that employees are best matched with jobs, avoiding labor shortages or surpluses.
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Hand flips a block changing 2020 to 2021. New year beginning. Holidays and Christmas.

2020 – a year unlike any other

30 December 2020
Summary of 2020 and Etisoft Smart Solutions' plans for 2021.
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The picture shows the 5S standard table for the workplace.

Audit in the company? Automate the entire process

4 December 2020
Discover the most important advantages of modern audit automation tools in your company.
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man with globe

Forecast for robots: will they get out of control and when?

27 November 2020
What are your concerns? How should intelligent substitutes for human hands function? How can we control the process of their development?
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The picture shows an AGV robot that is moving around the warehouse.

Do you want to invest in robots in Poland?

19 November 2020
What can a company owner really count on when investing in robots in Poland?
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Handshake of partners and blue sky above

Merging of Etisoft Smart Solutions and Intmat Structures

13 November 2020
Announcement of the boards of Etisoft Smart Solutions and Intmat Structures.
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In this picture we can see a robot who work in magazine. AGV/AMR navigation systems

Overview of trends in mobile robotics

27 October 2020
Overview of trends in mobile robotics.
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Navigation and location systems in robotics

AGV/AMR Navigation systems – part 2/2

12 October 2020
Comparison of navigation systems used in AMR/AGV vehicles.
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The photo shows a high-bay warehouse with double-decker racks, adapted for storage with high-mast forklifts.

AGV/AMR Navigation systems – part 1/2

28 September 2020
Navigation technologies used in mobile industrial robots.
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The picture shows the screen with the etiAGV system, it is an AGV traffic management system

Routing in automated, integrated intralogistic systems

22 September 2020
Theoretical assumptions of solving the problem of routing in automatic intralogistic systems.
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In the photo we can see the camera. This is a reference to Machine Vision Systems for Industry

Machine Vision System for Industry 4.0

14 September 2020
Read in-depth analysis, how important role play machine vision systems do in Industry 4.0.
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In the photo, we can see an AGV that moves through designated zones in the warehouse.

How robotization affects labor market

7 September 2020
Our insights on how robotization could affect labor market within next 5 years.
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The photo shows an AGV / AMR vehicle moving around the warehouse. The route is marked by a yellow and black line that represents the movement of the vehicle.

30 pallets per hour

3 September 2020
Our mobile robots with a capacity of 30 pallets per hour in a 24/7 mode - the best project in Poland in intralogistic transport.
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An army of robots efficiently sorting hundreds of packages per hour (automatically controlled vehicle) AGV vehicles

Will robots take my job?

10 August 2020
Check, whether your job is going to extinct!
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In the picture we can see a high bay warehouse with two-story racks. In the foreground, we see goods packed in boxes.

Intelligent rack, or a consignment warehouse in trade

16 July 2019
Learn, how to spare few million EUR by allowing your suppliers manage their stock!
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the photo shows an agv vehicle moving along a designated route with a pallet

Robotization landscape in industry 2020

16 July 2019
Quick look on 2020 robotics landscape in Poland.
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In the picture we can see cameras and vision sensors

On guard of quality – cameras and vision sensors

16 July 2019
Read, how to automatically check quality on production line.
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