MES Manufacturing Execution System.

EtiSZOP is state-of-the-art manufacturing execution system, that works behind all other solutions we deliver to our customers. Web based, powered by Microsoft SQL Server is a mid-tier platform to orchestrate all production procesess and comunicate with other systems and equipment.

Our MES was being developed with every automation solution we implemented, so we can offer right now mature software for orchestrating processes in production plant or modern warehouse. Whenever you think about production line supply management, quality control, machine vision systems, labelling, process automation, synoptic displays or AGV intralogistics – we have appropriate software module within EtiSZOP.

Last but not least – having all data in one, consistent database gives mighty power to data mining and setting up the “production BI”, which will be loved by lean professionalists.

Key benefits:

Production plan execution under full control.

Decompose your production plan to details, schedule and orchestrate all tasks needed to complete your mission.

Make manufacturing visible.

It does matter, when your workers see detailed process status on synoptic displays. Thanks to that, problems are identified early, preventive actions are taken at right time, risks are avoided and changes are implemented respectively.

Making your software and hardware cooperate.

MES is natural integration platform, where processes, data, sensors, effectors, machines interact with each other.

Production data available and standardized.

There are hundreds of solutions implemented in your plant. What if all data, that is produced and used by those solutions, will be available in one place? Think about power of data you already have.

A step ahead of our competition.

Adaptative licensing.

MES systems are usually a part of ERP systems. As in ERPs there are usually personal licensing patterns, it raises total costs of system, as you have hundreds of workers and machines. We act differently - our MES is licensed by a module, with unlimited number of users. We can also modify the approach as you have atypical situation.

User friendly interface.

Our system was baked in production plant environment. We understand ergonomics, specific requirements and working patterns in manufacturing world.

One system to rule them all.

Our MES since its foundation is dedicated to work with different systems and equipment. Consistent data model and interface makes integration seamless and easy to adapt by workers.

Full control on software.

We are software editor of our software. Thanks to standardized architecture based on Microsoft ecosystem, we can freely and easy modify the solution.

Are you interested?

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