MVS Machine Vision Systems.

Machine vision systems are tailor made solutions performing quality check on production line or warehouse. Our software can check many spots at a time, measuring deviation from the pattern and – through integration with MES system – perform desired action, like stopping the line, marking a product with a label or just switch on an indicator lamp.

While human eye is the biological masterpiece and camera is just its imitation, the software beyond machine vision systems does the analysis far better, than human brain. Once learnt, machine will perform analysis seamlessly, fast, accurate, measuring precisely deviations, distinguishing hundreds of patterns at a time. In human world, as you introduce new product, technical design or component, all people involved in QC must be trained, while their capacity of remembering a number of standards and versions is limited.

That’s why scientific resarch says, accuracy of quality check is up to 70% for 1 human and may rise to 80% in case of 2 people watching at one time.

Key benefits:

Less complaints.

Size, orientation, completeness, version, colour, precision of assembly - our systems reduce number of complaints by accurate and effortless control of all deviations.

Lower costs of QC.

If your plant works triple shifts, a camera with machine vision system replaces 5 or more people.

More accurate measurement.

Human eye doesn't measure, while our software does.

Automated QC documentation.

During every single check, our system captures a picture and saves it with precise data. Any audit is then doable, as well data can be used in more sophisticated tracablity systems.

A step ahead of our competition.

Open architecture.

Our machine vision systems are always tailor made solutions, based on well recognized industry equipment and standards. Our R&D department works closely with vendors and our clients to keep an eye on what's best on the market and what's proven in the field.

MES based ecosystem.

We build our MVS solutions around our standardized MES. Once data captured is transferred to MES, we could easily integrate the output with any production system or effector.

Extensive experience.

Our MVS systems work seamlessly since years in over 20 different plants owned by giants of automotive, food and home appliances industry players.

Understanding of production processes.

As we are focused on automation of production and intralogistics processes, our consultants deeply understand circumstances and nuances of production.