Explore our industry and logistics automation solutions.

AGV Mobile Robots

Automated intralogistics system based on AGVs is pure ROI-driven investment. Learn more about our solution and start saving your costs now.

MVS Machine Vision Systems

Vision systems not only save your Quality Control costs, but, according to scientific research, have accuracy exceeding 99%, while humans reach up to 70%.

MRS Manipulation Robotic Systems

Robotic systems are a way of automating manufacturing applications while reducing the amount of labor and production costs and time associated with the process.

MES Manufacturing Execution Systems

MES interconnects virtual world of planning and real world of production plant: machines, automation and intralogistics. Read how we could improve your processes.

APS Audit Process Support

Dozens of audits are performed every year at any production site. Take a look on our application, that automates most of toilsome tasks and save hundreds hours of your managers working time, while improving auditing quality.

SMS Stock Management System

Consignment warehouse is a way to free up huge amount of cash frozen in buffering supply stock. Our solution allows control buffer stock directly by your suppliers, while you pay only for supplies already dispensed to production. Short of cash?

ICS Intralogistics Consulting Services

Understanding of “intralogistics whole picture” is the subject of our consulting service. We offer analysis, design, simulation, cost estimates and final project of completely automatic intralogistics for Industry 4.0.