SMS Stock Management System.

Our SMS is consignment stock management system, allowing your suppliers control their supply stock levels at your plant or warehouse. It creates an opportunity to optimize logistics costs and responively plan transportation by suppliers. But the biggest benefit is changing financing of logistics buffers from you to suppliers directly, as you can pay them only after supplies is released to production.

Our SMS is a both physical as well as virtual warehouse accessible to any supplier via WWW. Stock levels are determined by instant scanning of RFiD labels sticked to logistics units. Once logistics unit is arriving or leaving physical warehouse, automated stocktaking is updating stock levels. These levels are accessible by WWW webpage to suppliers respectively. There’s also possibility to generate warehouse documents accordingly.

Key benefits:

Freeing up cash from supply buffering.

Traditional business model between suppliers and receivers works like that: upon stock arrival, supplier issues an invoice, which causes both costs and payment duty. Consignment warehouse is changing this paradigm; upon arrival, stock is still owned by supplier and formal delivery is made automatically just after stock is released to production.

Instant inventory thanks to RFiD.

Every supplier receives RFiD stickers (cost below EUR 10c) to stick them to logistics units (like pallets or boxes), and assignes stickers to delivery units. As SMS is scanning RFiDs dozen times a day, suppliers know exactly, when their goods arrived or leaved warehouse.

Safe management of stock minimums.

You may set your own minimum stock, that will tell supplier to make new delivery or, let your supplier manage it by himself.

A step ahead of our competition.

Consignment management made easy.

We developed our solution based on Etisoft - our parent company. Having over 1 000 customers and over 10 000 SKUs, optimization of supply was saving a lot of money.

RFiD technology with movable antennas.

Our solution uses movable antennas, wchich is raising accuracy of readings.

Expert in labelling.

Etisoft is biggest labelling supplier in Poland, so we are experts in labelling. You don't have to bother about chosing suitable labels, neither about its distribution.

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