Why Choose Us

Since 20 years we are working on consistent ecosystem for Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 Natives
Since very beginning , our vision & vision, as well as whole engineering team are devoted to develop new automation standards.
Consistent software ecosystem
All our solutions are developed within Etishop - our own MES system, that creates a hub linking the world of hardware, automation and software.
Seasoned know-how
Our AGVs performs hundreds of operations every day. Dozens of ESS vision systems check quality in biggest plants in Europe. We are cooperating closely with Silesian Univeristy of Technology, having also 3 PhDs onboard.
Complete integrator
No 3rd party is involved. We design and manufacture hardware, develop software then deliver & integrate solution at production plant.
24/7 support
Our solutions are often critical to core processes. We do understand this. Our consultants are available 24/7, we provide also field support in Poland.
No capex available? Ask us for convenient financing like 2 000 EUR / month for 1 AGV.